My Motivation

I would like to dedicate this blog site to the ongoing improvement of the Australian Solar Power Industry. As a previous winner of the Clean Energy Council's Industry Award for "Design & Installation of a Grid Connect PV System under 10 kWp" and a member of the Clean Energy Council's "Accredited Installer Reference Group", I am very proud of what I do and believe that everybody should have access to the very best products installed by the very best technicians. I have been in this industry for almost 20 years and frankly I am sick of the “cowboys” that hijack the game when “Government Policy” allows a quick $$$ to be made at the expense of quality & reputation.
If you are considering buying a solar power system for your home or business then I hope you will find some answers here, if not, send me your questions and I will answer them for you.
If you already have a system installed, I would like to invite you to send in a photo of your solar power system. Most importantly I would like your impression of your journey. The good, the bad & the ugly. Who did you buy the system from? Who installed the system? Does it work to your expectations? Be honest too. 
If your system was supplied & installed by a professional outfit, using quality components and exceeds your expectations than tell the world.
If your system was sold to you by an uninvited high pressure sales person with no answers, zero customer service and installed by a “cowboy” then also tell the world.
Would you like to help the next person to make a better solar power decision?
On the other side of the fence, if you are an installer and/or designer and would like to showcase your work, then let us all know. If you feel you want to discuss any issues with the guidelines, Australian Standards or government policy you can either post it on the relevant page or email me directly.