Monday, 19 March 2012

Cheap & Dirty Grid

I love Giles ability to tell it like it is. For years I have tried to impart my ideas to multiple managers & executives of several energy retailers, most have listened, some have even been interested, none have acted. The same can be said of the plethora of local, state & federal pollies who's ears I have bent over the years. My family, friends & colleagues have a standing joke that I have made a career out of being ignored by politicians. As representative of the truth that it is, this is no reason to give up though.
I noticed that one of the comments left on the RenewEconomy Post recommended that we should provide a free subscription to RenewEconomy to Tony Abbott & friends. I suggest that we each prompt our local MP's (State & Federal), regardless of Party, to subscribe. Keep up the great work Giles.

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